Spring is almost here!

Since spring will officially start in a few weeks and everyone will hopefully be outside more, there are some great language based activities that can be done outside as well as inside on those rainy days. Here are a list of some general ideas that you can adapt depending on weather and materials you have in your home.

  • Start discussing new vocabulary such as flowers, bugs, rain/raindrops, grass, bunnies, birds and concepts such as growing and weather
  • Using eggs for an egg hunt either outside or inside to work on the prepositions on, in, under, behind, etc. receptively (tell them where the eggs are) or expressively (“Where is the egg?”)
  • Talk about planting flowers/plants- different parts of the flowers
    • Sequencing the steps- planting seeds, watering seeds, growing, and full grown plant using first, next, last
  • Read books that talk about spring:
    • Planting a Rainbow- Lois Ehlert
    • The Tiny Seed – Eric Carle
    • And Then it’s Spring – Julie Fogliano
    • The Ugly Vegetables- Grace Lin
    • My Garden- Kevin Henkes
    • My Spring Robin- Anne Rockwell, Harlow Rockwell, and Lizzy Rockwell
    • Spring is Here- Will Hillenbrand

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