Stuffed Animal Gross Motor Activities


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As a mother, I know my children many stuffed animals most of which sit on the bottom of the bed never being used.  Well, here are some ways to utilize those furry little animals to get your child moving while having fun!  


  • Animal Walking- gather a variety of different animals i.e. frog, bear, bunny, etc. and have your child walk like each one.  As this becomes easy for your child increase the challenge by placing obstacles in their path to move over, under, around, etc.
  • Animal Toss- use stuffed animals of various sizes and shapes to toss into a container such as an empty laundry basket.  Increase the challenge by increasing the distance, having the child balance on a cushion or pillow while tossing, stand on one foot and throw, etc.
  • Animal Musical Chairs- have the children hold stuffed animals while playing musical chairs.  When the music stops instead of having the children sit have them place their animal on the chair.  Vary the movement i.e. running, skipping, jumping, bear walking, etc.
  • Parachute Play- use a bed sheet as a parachute.  Place a stuffed animal(s) in the center of the sheet and lift the sheet up and down, giving the animal(s) a ride.  Also try Ring Around the Rosy.  The children can walk, run, skip, jump, etc.
  • Flying Animals- have your child lay on their back and squeeze a stuffed animal between their ankles.  Have the child lift their legs while keeping the animal between their ankles and make their animal “fly”.  This is a great core strengthening activity.


Encourage your child to have fun playing with their stuffed animals while you are sneaking in some physical activity!  


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