Snow Day Language Activities

Some winters have more snow days than others.  If you’re looking for something to do, here are some language-based ideas to keep your little ones busy and hopefully entertained!

  • Build a snowman: this can incorporate many different language concepts such as body parts, size concepts (i.e. big, medium, small), comparatives (bigger, smaller), location concepts (i.e. top, bottom, middle) as well as clothing vocabulary


  • Baking: baking in the kitchen is a great way to work on following directions


  • Indoor Scavenger Hunt: create a list of things for your child to find.  This could incorporate size concepts (i.e. find something small), colors, household vocabulary, etc.  Turn out the lights and use a flashlight for even more fun


  • Have a playdate- playing with a peer is a great way to foster social skills


  • Read books together: take a picture walk and talk about the pictures, ask questions about the story and how the characters might be feeling, make predictions about what might happen next


  • Make homemade Play Dough: involves following directions to make it, playing with the play dough can work on language related to sharing materials and commenting (i.e. look, I made a _____)

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