Summer Fun OT Activities!


Go Outside and…..

Play tug-a –war ( use a rope or use a popsicle stick for finger-tug-a-war)
Draw on driveway using sidewalk chalk then spray clean using squirt bottle
Have a squirt gun battle
Roll down a hill
Have wheelbarrow or crab walk races
Blow bubbles and try to pop or pinch them with your finger tips!
Go to the park and try out all the fun swings and climbing equipment
Make paper air planes
Fly a kite
Go to the beach and dig for shells in the sand
Build a sand castle
String a necklace using dried pasta or Cheerios
Go swimming!!
‘Draw’ shapes and lines in wet sand
Wash the car using soapy water and sponges
Play hopscotch
Play a game of catch with water balloons!
Water the plants (try using squirt bottle or garden hose)
Pull a heavy wagon and take a walk to the park

On Rainy Days…….

Bake!! Stirring cookie batter or rolling dough is a great way to work on hand strengthening
Paint a picture on an easel and then hang your picture to dry using clothespins
Make a mosaic – snip paper strips into small squares and glue on a picture outline

Make fruit loop or Cheerio towers!
* Start with a ball of playdough on the table. Position a wooden skewer in the playdough, then start threading the cereal onto the skewer to build your tower
Build fine motor skills with some great indoor games:
* Scaterpillar Scramble
* Sneaky, Squeeky Squirril Game
* Thin Ice
* Bed Bugs
* Topple
* Finger Twister
* Connect Four (Key chain or mini version)
* Perfection or Scramble