Proper Fitting Footwear

Proper fitting footwear is very important for a child’s growing feet. Shoes that are too big or too small can be irritating, uncomfortable, and impact a child’s gait, balance, coordination and safety. The following is a link to the American Podiatric Medical Association which provides useful tips for finding proper fitting shoes for children.


Typical PreSchool Age Dysfluency

This was originally posted 2 years ago but for new parents who might not have seen it, here is some helpful information on preschool-age children who might be experiencing episodes of dysfluency.


The Park Slope Speech Therapy website describes dysfluency in the following way: “ Disfluency is anything that impedes the forward movement of speech. So, when you stop in mid-sentence and say “Um” or “Er” that is disfluency. Or, if you say, “I want, um, I want that”, that is disfluency. Stuttering differs from disfluency in both quantity and quality.  Research indicates that preschoolers tend to be highly disfluent. They back up, repeat words and restate much of the time. In fact, one study found that in a language sample taken from a group of 3 year olds, every third word was repeated. What underlies this high degree of disfluency is the child’s developing language system.  In other words, the preschool child is developing vocabulary, grammatical structures and the ability to talk about abstract ideas and events. Because these skills are not yet fully developed, there is a lack of automaticity…

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Fine Motor Fun “On-The-Go”

Fine Motor Fun ON-THE-GO!

Ever been somewhere with your child and wished there was a healthy way to keep them busy? While it’s ideal to keep moving, there are inevitably times when you may fine yourself in situations with you child that require more than optimal amounts of sitting time, which can spell Trouble, when you’re accompanied by a curious, active and busy preschooler! Whether you are on a long car ride, in an airplane or just trying to finish your meal at a restaurant, you may want to make your life easier by coming prepared! Why not pack along a “Fine Motor Fun Box” ….it’ll keep your child happy, busy, and helps them tolerate those longer stretches of time . They’ll be working on developing their fine motor skills at the same time, without even knowing it!

I would start with a resealable shoebox sized container, such as a plastic Tupperware-type container or a larger sized pencil box

Here are some suggestions of what to pack:
* Playdough, clay or putty
* Floam
* Larger wooden beads & a shoelace or pipe cleaner
* Spinning tops
* Wind up toys
* Small crayons, chalk or mini markers
* Paper
* Pop beads
* Small stickers
* Mini travel games such as Connect 4
* Legos or other small building blocks
*Water pen with color-reveal coloring books (Melissa & Doug makes a great one!)
* Mini tongs or strawberry hullers (use to pick up and transfer small toys such as beads, legos, mini erasers or pom poms)

HINT…as an extra benefit, keep individual toys in small individual ziploc bags so your child can practice using their fingers to pull open the bags, then press and pinch to seal them shut!