Speech and Language Resources for Parents

Here is a link to several helpful resources for parents.  Just click on the “I’m a Parent” section and you will find information on materials, general resources, vocabulary, expressive language resources, receptive language resources, speech sounds, nonverbal children as well as extending sentence length.  Hope it’s helpful!



Fine Motor Fun for the Fall

Fine Motor Fun for the Fall

The following are some links to some of my favorite activities you can do with you child that will not only be fun but will also work on developing their fine motor skills!

  1. Tissue Paper Leaves


Here is the link: http://kidsactivitiesblog.com/58634/fall-craft-tissue-paper-leaves

This activity works on development of the following skills:

  • bilateral coordination
  • grasp development
  • hand/finger strengthening

2. Fall Tree Q-tip Painting

QTIP Tree Painting

Here is the link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/170573904608235256/

This activity works on development of the following skills:

  • Pincer grasp
  • Finger strengthening
  • Visual motor
  • Bilateral coordination

Enjoy Qtip painting?? Here’s a link to Qtip painting printables:

For an alternative ways to complete this activity, challenge your child to use their finger tips or mini marshmallows to decorate the fall tree!

3. Goeboard Pumpkins


Here’s the link: http://fun-a-day.com/pumpkin-math-geo-pumpkin/

This activity works on development of the following skills :

  • Eye hand coordination
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Hand and wrist strengthening