Speech Ideas for Home

There are many different ways to facilitate speech and langauge skills within your home environment without adding big activities into your day! Many of these ideas we incorporate here within the classrooms and it helps with generalizing some of those great communication skills. See below for some great tips that you can easily do with your children at home!

  • Having your child help set the table and get dressed in the morning to work on following directions
  • Model language when your child requests an object to work on expanding their sentence length ex: “I want milk”, “I want ball”
  • Playing basic turn taking games on a rainy/snow day such as Candyland, Don’t Spill the Beans, and Chutes and Ladders to work on turn taking skills using language such as “my turn” and “your turn”
  • Reading books and asking some basic questions about the story ex: “What he/she doing?”, “Where is he/she going?”, “Why is he/she ___?”

Fun February OT Activity Ideas

Hello Parents…….

Winter and cold weather leaves us with lots of indoor time with the kids.

Take advantage of the time and do something that is both fun and helpful to improving your child’s fine motor skills.

With Valentine’s Day soon approaching,  I have chosen a craft idea that is not only festive for the holiday but it is works on development of many skills including bilateral coordination, intrinsic hand strengthening, fine motor control and , scissor skills. 

 Follow the link below for some Valentine fun!!


 heart lei

For another fun idea try…….

Snowball Sorting!

You will need:

  • Cotton balls (“mini snow balls”)
  • A mini muffin tin (regular size muffin tin is also fine)
  • Tweezers, strawberry hullers or tongs

Simply have the child use the tongs or tweezers to pick up the cotton balls, one at a time and sort them individually into the muffin cups.  Encourage them to use only their thumb, pointer and index fingers when using the tongs.  I call these their “alligator fingers”.  Many of the children will already be very familiar with that term.  These are the same finger we use for holding crayons and markers so it is a great activity to work on grasp development.

Have FUN!!!

Preschool Life Skills

As part of the preschool curriculum this year, teachers have been integrating the direct teaching of social skills into daily routines within their classrooms.  The Preschool Life Skills curriculum is comprised of a list of social skills that help children and students to develop all of the prerequisite skills needed in order to be great friends and students!   The first skill taught in the set of 13 is teaching children to respond to their name.

Teaching children to respond to their name is a easy and quick thing to carryover to home as well!  When you call your child’s name, make sure they stop what they are doing, look at you, and acknowledge that you have called them by saying “yes” or “what”.  If they do that right away, acknowledge it…kids love it when they know they have done something great!! If your child doesn’t always do this, practice, practice, practice!  The more naturally children respond to their name, the easier it is for them to have conversations, follow directions, or engage in play situations!